Sunday, April 20, 2014

What We Wore Easter Addition

I know, I know. Don't post on Easter! Go spend time with family blah blah blah. But while I am sitting here waiting for my mom to get ready for our next family party, I figured I'd share a few pictures of what we wore to our first family brunch this morning.

 Don't you just love a good self timer selfie? And do take time to admire the bare background of this photo. I spent a good two hours blowing the leaves from a majority of our gardens yesterday. Don't they look...naked?

We scooped up some unwilling models this morning as they were meandering around the yard.

Today was a big day because my sister is NOT wearing any major clothing articles from my closet! Yay!
Dress: thrifted, Shoes: my closet (but before that, Steve Madden)

Dress: Thrifted yesterday for $3.50 woot woot!, Shoes: Steve Madden (yes I do have the same pair of shoes in three different colors), watch: capezio sans batteries

Happy Easter Y'all! Check out my instagram to see how my day turned out!

Friday, April 11, 2014

DIY Braided Leather Wrap Bracelet

Wrap bracelets and stacked bracelets are all the rage now if I'm correct. Well I LOVE them. Being the cheapo I am, I haven't bought any yet. Well I MADE some of my own and I love it. I got the clasp pieces and the leather at .They have so many other cool options it just makes me want to create a whole bunch of jewelry and I'm not even a jewelry person lol.

So the other day this adorable little package showed up at my doorstep and I was overjoyed. Ok I actually had to pick it up at the post office because someone drove over our mailbox but I was still just as excited.
But actually how does one drive straight over a mailbox?
Anyways, check out those cool stamps. I am secretly a stamp person.

Here's the leather cording that I used. I put a bit of gorilla glue inside the clasp and simply slid the cord in and let it dry a few hours.

 Ok let's ignore my arm hair but I'd like to put out a general warning that GORILLA GLUE EXPANDS. It created a great bond and my bracelet will not be breaking any time soon but I put a bit too much glue inside and it expanded outside of the cup. Thankfully though I was able to pick it all off. I (my dad) opened the ring of clip and then I (my dad) bent it around the end of the cup. I give major props to anyone who does DIY jewelry all the time! It's no joke and I actually struggled super hard to even see what I was doing. Good thing I (my dad) have reading glasses.

Here are the clasp pieces I used: end cups and clasp

I asked my mom to model my bracelet for me since it perfectly matched her outfit!

 Ok and here is my crude effort at stacking bracelets. Yes, that is a broken watch, a charm bracelet with a baby shoe on it, and a cross bracelet from Claire's. No I am not good at stacking bracelets nor do I even own bracelets but my new wrap bracelet does go perfectly well with what I have :)
I wore just the bracelet to school today and I got so many compliments and then I got even more once I told them that I made it myself! Maybe they were just proud of my effort for wearing more than just a pony tail on my wrist? I'm not sure but I still love my bracelet (and so does my mom who has officially stolen it from me!)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring "Mantle"

I know you've been waiting with baited breath for me to post again. I've definitely enjoyed my unplanned hiatus.
So now here is my Spring "mantle."
 I completed it basically as soon as St. Patrick's Day passed. I'm so done with all this cold. THANKFULLY though, we've finally reached warm ish weather! Before school everyday, I have to heat up my car and walk in with my winter coat on. After school, everyone can be seen in short sleeves even though it's only 45.
Anyways, here is my mantle.

 Yes those are chewed up eos egg chapsticks. My mom decided that they would go perfectly fine with my color scheme and be out of the dog's reach.

I had made this little bunny softie a few years ago from some random silhouette I found online but here's a great similar silhouette and tutorial from Positively Splendid. I found that pink polka dot bunny silhouette here. I was originally going to not frame it like I did but I couldn't get it to print out any other way so I just gave up and I actually really like how it turned out.

 Yes that is a candle holder sans candle. Shhh. Here's the Hello Spring Printable.
Apparently we own quite a few Easter themed books? My mom put these on display here after I finished the top.

And so here is the whole thing. I opted for no garland out of pure laziness. I was going to make one out of easter eggs but that obviously did not happen...