Monday, September 29, 2014

My Whole30 Recap

I know I've been basically silent but I've been busy, y'all! I've been learning, cheering, and most recently, whole30ing it up. While on the whole30, I worked out 4-5 days a week so while I didn't necessarily lost weight, I lost inches and gained a whole lot of muscle. *flexes*
Also what I lost including inches...
-Love handles !!
-Splotchy face/ breakouts
-2ish jean sizes  (I bought a new pair of jeans right before starting and took the tags off without thinking... BAD IDEA! They're too big now!)
-Horrible snacking habit

What I gained...
-Healthy eating habits
-The ability to cook myself more than just a frozen waffle or pasta
-Better sleep
-Several instagram followers
-New gymnastics/ cheer skills

Was the whole30 hard? YES! Did I cheat every once in a while? YES. I ate an oreo once and a couple bites of a friend's frozen yogurt. IT HAPPENS! But I also do have a huge stash of candy that I've been given that I didn't touch at all which makes me so proud of myself. Big wins for little set backs!
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Basket Idea

Here in Michigan (and in most other states) the driving age in 16. So for those special girls (and maybe boys?) who are getting their license, here's a great birthday gift basket idea for them. Disclaimer: this basket is obviously aimed at girls but feel free to modify it for boys!
 This is more of an "emergency" car kit than a real emergency. I figured I'd leave that stuff up to the parents and this is cuter anyways ; )
 In the basket is gum, ponytails, a nail file, chapstick, tissues, hand sanitizer, air freshener, chocolate, a starbucks gift card, panty liners, and (not pictured) cheez its.

 I found a cute little bin at the dollar store and stuck an index card in the little display window.

 I poofed the bottom up with tissue paper and then wrapped the whole thing in clear wrap.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stereotypes and Detroit

Last week I invited a friend to go with me to a play in downtown Detroit. It was at an outdoor park in the late evening. They declined because of how dangerous they felt it would be. No offense to them but I was a bit offended. The show was actually amazing and we met some really cool people standing in line.
Anyways, growing up I heard about this paradise neighborhood that my parents grew up in in Detroit. If you'd like to hear a bit about this paradise, check out this article, Detroit Was the Best, from the New Yorker. Did I mention the author grew up on the same street as my mom just a few years (possibly 10) younger than my mom.
Here's the house she grew up in. See the leaves dangling in the foreground of the picture? My grandpa planted that tree!

Here's the community center all the kids went to.

Here's the elementary school both my mother and the author of the article attended.

And here's two other amazing houses I snapped some pictures of.

According to my mom's childhood tales, this one is haunted! I'm totally in love with it though

Too bad none of the houses were for sale or I'd probably try and internet stalk it and buy it.
Across the road, in a different neighborhood, my dad grew up in an equally interesting house.
It's great to see these communities still in tact so many years later! To everyone who thinks that Detroit is this horrible and dangerous place obviously has never been to the right parts of it before.