I have expensive taste and I am not afraid to admit it. However, I do not have a large budget being that I have a minimum wage job and am about to enter into the world of college. Trying to make the two aforementioned things work has been a challenge but its been a fun one. I've dove head first into making decorations and items to be used next year and I've been able to make them on the cheap. Here's a preview of what will be found in my dorm room in two weeks! 
This "M" canvas... it's an M for "Michigan" but it also happens to be an M for Margaret ;)

I made this Door Stop to keep my door propped open! Of course I made this before I found out the configurations of my room (I'm actually in a 2 room quad so my bedroom door isn't actually the door to the hallway)... so worse comes to worst, it'll make a lovely addition to my home rock garden ;)

This canvas here was painstaking and time consuming to make but it was SO worth it because I totally love it! I am all about the inspirational messages y'all!

This sweet fluffy guy and her twin sister will be adorning my bed and I couldn't be more excited... For just $5 in fabric from Jo Ann's (I still have more left over :)) and less than 30 minutes on my sewing machine I made some pretty awesome pillow covers if I do say so myself.

And last but not least (and actually not really even last), I made a little wristlet. It didn't photograph very well but you get the idea... This was actually super easy to make and it only took a few inches of scrap fabric from my pillows to make! I plan to use this to hang my room keys from instead of using a long lanyard around my neck.

Also, not pictured: some cute bunting that is still in the works... (I can't decide how long I want it to be so I haven't finished it yet!) and hopefully a headboard! Check back in 2 weeks to see how everything comes together!
One of the tips I've seen all over Pinterest for moving into college is to leave your dorm room door open. Everyone recommended during move in to do this but also during the rest of the year to signify that people are welcome to stop in and chat (and also that it motivates you to keep things clean!).

At orientation, though, I ran into a problem with this (and I've also had the same problem at camps where we stayed in dorm rooms at different colleges):
THE DOORS WOULDN'T STAY OPEN! As soon as you let go of the door, it would slam shut. Some doors would even have an automatic lock function on them. A chair did the trick to keep the door open but truth be told, that isn't very cute and it blocked the door way for the most part.
I felt much safer with these doors shutting like this BUT I still wanted the option to be able to keep my door open!
And thus I came up with a solution:
Painted door stops!
I simply washed the rocks, sanded off any moss, painted on the logo in acrylic paint, and then sprayed a coat of clear spray paint on top.

This one is mine...

And this one is for a friend....
I totally love my cute (and free!) solution :)
So if you haven't heard of it before, the website Influenster is a hub for product reviews for all kinds of products. I was recently given the chance to try out their most recent "voxbox" of products. All the products I received were from Rimmel London. Here's what I thought about everything!:

They all came in a cute pink box which made me very happy. They arrived just as I was getting over the flu so it felt AMAZING to shower and put on makeup!

What was included was Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes Mascara, Natural Bronzer, and Stay 3D Lip Gloss.

I incorporated them all into my normal beauty routine and I really loved the way everything turned out.
The mascara was pretty good. I normally use Mabelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara and I'd say that this about rivals that. 
The bronzer was amazing. I normally NEVER use bronzer and so it was great to switch things up and use it. I at first thought that it was going to be too dark for my skin but it ended up being very thin and easy to apply lightly so it could work for a wide variety of skin tones.
The lip gloss was a tad bit disappointing. The bottle claims that it will stay glossy for up to six hours which is obviously does not because it wears off with normal usage. HOWEVER, it never got sticky or gloopy or any other gross texture. It did stay glossy but would need to be applied more frequently than the bottle claims.

Overall, I am highly satisfied with all three of these products and would definitely recommend them.
*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but the opinions expressed in this post are my own.